HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme

Every workplace should work towards developing an HIV/AIDS programme, the programme should be focused on a number of aims, including preventing the spread of the disease and providing care and support for employees who are infected and affected. The programme also looks at managing the impact of HIV/AIDS in the organization. The structure of a workplace should take into account the needs as well as capabilities of each individual workplace.

Components of HIV/AIDS Programme:

  • Hold regular HIV/AIDS awareness programme.
  • Encourage voluntary testing.
  • Education and training on HIV/AIDS.
  • Promote condom distribution and use.
  • Encourage health seeking behavior for STD.
  • Enforce the use of universal infection control means.
  • Create an environment that is conducive to openness, disclosure and acceptance amongst all stuff.
  • Try to establish wellness programme for employees affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • Maximize the performance of affected employees through reasonable accommodation such as investigation into alternative sick leave allocation.
  • Develop strategies to address direct and indirect cost associated with HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
  • Regularly monitor, evaluate and review the programme.